Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love Micheal and Fiona

Here is an interesting fact about me: I don't really like watching television shows or movies.  Such a waste of time.  They are so predictable and have no depth.  I feel dumber after watching them.  But, I'll admit to one thing, I love Burn Notice.  Who would have thought with all of the guns and fighting.  I like it so much that occasionally (in real life that is) I think I am being followed so I don't go straight home and I try to ditch the tail.  Luckily I have always gotten away without any confrontation.  I have even had dreams where I am Fiona and I am working on a case. That is easier to type that than to say it out loud.  :)  Anyway, no point to this post other than to say I am excited for the new season to start next week.  Then I will be back to date nights with Mr. K at home on the couch drinking non-alcoholic mojitos and watching the latest episode after the 5 Ks are in bed.  I am getting kind of wild in my old age.  Watch out!

Just call me Starr.