Saturday, January 30, 2010

An exciting new project!

I wasn't planning on working on The List today until Mr. K offered to cut the foam for the cushions in the window seat.  Don't turn down an offer like that.  I didn't.  He is so great!

Luckily we have a sheetrocking T-square-very handy.

Mr. K using a X-Acto knife.  "Not as cool as a bloody mary," he explained to K1-K5.

Now he is cutting the edges off.

Isn't he wonderful?

Now I get to buy more fabric to make the cushion covers.  Yay! I already bought a few pieces to make covers for the throw pillows.  It will be so nice to have that done.

Ever since we decided on these house plans, I have day dreamed about sitting in the window seat with lots of soft, fluffy pillows and a cozy quilt.  I am sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book, occasionally glancing out the window at the beautiful trees. dreams are coming true.

Just call me Starr.


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Go Mr. K!!! I want to come lounge on your window seat!!!

Mindy said...

Awesome! Now we just have to find you some cool fabric to cover them with...

RoseAnna said...

You truly are the tannest starr that I have ever met. What a fun project. Come over and visit our batty blog anytime!