Friday, January 15, 2010

Finish the House!

When I printed off my Finish the House list I used purple cardstock because I love purple.  When I look at it I feel happy so I wanted to show you so you can feel happy too.  I already have 3 things X-ed off with a sharpie.  I love sharpies because they are so permanent.  X!!!  

Speaking of sharpies, did I ever tell you the story of the little girl who found the sharpie?  I'd better tell it to you.  (I wish I would have taken a picture.)  Once upon a time I was babysitting my friend's daughters.  V was 3 and E was 3 months old.  They were so good and fun to play with.  About 20 minutes before their mom was due back, baby E needed a diaper change.  Suffice it to say that it took me a few minutes to get her all taken care of.  When I started back up the stairs, I was greeted by quite a sight.  V had found a sharpie and colored all over herself.  Her face, neck, arms, belly, legs and feet were covered in black lines and zig zags and swirls.  My jaw dropped and she began to cry, "I want my mommy!"  I looked at the clock - 10 minutes until impact.

Have you ever tried to get permanent marker off of your skin?  Here is a tip:  The sooner you scrub it off, the better.  Her face seemed like the most important place to start.  I grabbed a washcloth, squirted some liquid soap on it and went to work.  V stopped crying and started chatting up a storm saying things like, "Mommy says we only color on paper" and "We don't color on skin."  Where was she getting this "we" stuff I wanted to know.  I asked her if they were getting their pictures take anytime soon and she said yes.  Oh dear!  

Well, to make a short 10 minutes shorter, most of it came off her face.  When I finally started on her arms and legs it didn't come off as well, maybe because it had more time to soak into her skin or something.  I wasn't looking forward to the impending arrival.  Good thing her mom is awesome.  She just laughed.  She is still my friend and we lived happily ever after.

That story kind of hijacked my post.  Perhaps I should change the title to "Maybe I don't like sharpies as much as I thought I did" or "Semi-permanent facial tatoos" or "I promise I am a good babysitter."  Nah.

Just call me Starr.