Monday, January 25, 2010

Holy Pinole Batman!

So Mr. K just finished reading a book called Born to Run.  Apparently every runner who's any runner has read it except me.  It is about a tribe of Mexican people called the Tarahumara who regularly run 50 to 100 miles for fun.  One of the main things they eat is called pinole.  They also eat a lot of chia seeds.  (Yes, the same kind you plastered all over your chia pet.)  Mr. K being the chef that he is, decided to make some and see if it gave him more energy.  Now he swears by it and makes it every couple of days.  I think he has perfected the recipe over the last few weeks.

He toasts cornmeal in a hot skillet and adds assorted grains like quinoa, buckwheat, millet, flax seeds, hemp hearts (don't ask) and/or chia seeds.  Then he stirs in craisins and dried blueberries.  It smells so good! 

He adds a little bit of brown sugar or molasses and some water and stirs it while it simmers.

Then he puts it onto the cookie sheet and lets it bake for a while.

Here they are cooling. 

I think they taste really good.   I may start eating them more often when I start training for the Ragnar Relay next week.  I am so excited to run it again, not that I've found a team yet.  Speaking of the Ragnar, maybe I will try to copy the blogpost I made about it last June on my old blog.  We will see if it works.  I am not a super genius when it comes to computers.

Just call me Starr.