Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I just reorganized my sewing closet!

Hello, my name is Starr and I am a fabric-a-holic.  Now you all say, "Hello Starr!"

I am getting a little bit crazy over here.  I have been needing to reorganize my sewing room for a long, long time and I finally did it today.  I sorted all of my fabric according to type and put it into boxes.  I have a lot.  It was so fun and inspiring.

I had a few Sterilite 3-drawer organizers sitting around, so I stacked them up and filled them with elastic, trims, velcro, zippers, ect.  Then I went upstairs and stole some wire shelves from Neverland. (That is where the lost K-boys live.  Now I need to get rid of some of their toys, lol.)  I stacked bolts of fabric on the side and top and folded up the pieces that I will be using soon on the lower shelves.

Doesn't it look great?  Now I want to sew all night long.  Maybe I will.

Just call me Starr.


Mindy said...

Looks awesome! Don't you just get an "organizing high" when you get done with a project like that, and it looks so great? Flylady would be so proud!
I need to start my sewing projects of making curtains for several areas in the house, and pillows for the cowboy bedroom. However, I can't seem to get it started...I think it overwhelms me!