Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of My Resolutions

Four years ago this month, we moved into our dream home.  We were living in a three bedroom apartment in our triplex with our four little boys and we needed more room.  We couldn't find anything for sale that we liked so Mr. K suggested we build.  I had read Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander and Mr. K had a book called The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka.  We found some house plans on Sarah's website which were perfect after some alterations to the main floor and the 3rd level.  I became the general contractor and we got to work.  Mr. K had to teach me how to spit without getting it all over myself so I could fit in with the other contractors.  ;)  Anyway, it was a crazy experience getting bids, scheduling everything, making a million decisions and ensuring my subs were doing a good job.  We did a lot of the work ourselves.

We were finally able to move in the end of January, 2006.  That was the good news.  The bad news that always seems to follow the good news was the house wasn't actually finished.  The appraiser estimated that it was 90% complete.  I figured 90% is an A- and I am good with that.  My friends who had built houses before warned me not to move in until EVERYTHING was done or it would never get done but of course I didn't believe them.  I knew that I would continue to work every spare minute to get it all finished.

Fast forward four years later and it is about 90% complete.  They were right and I was wrong.  I am able to admit it.  I've made lots of excuses about how come I don't have time to finish the house but I am done making them!  One of my New Year's Resolutions is to "git 'er done."  (That is contractor language for finish the house.)  And what is a goal without a plan?  Another year at 90% that's what.

Today I typed up my plan.  I listed each room or area in the house, excluding the unfinished basement because that is the least of my worries right now.  Then I put a bulleted list under each one of everything that needs to be done to finish that room.  I love making lists btw.  Now all I have to do is pick one little thing and do it.  Then another and another and then someday my house will be done.


Ahhhhhhhh!  I feel better already.

Just call me Starr.


Ali said...

I'm so proud of you. I know you really want to get your house finished. Let me know if you need a sitter so you can work on a project one day.

Mindy said...

You go, girl! Post those unfinished projects! ☺ Way to get organized! Maybe we should swap each other...we come up and help you with something one weekend, and then you come down and help us another weekend. We're probably at 98% finished... but doesn't it seem like it gets exponentially harder with those final little things? Not as much bang for the buck or something, I guess... Anyway, you're inspiring me to at least start tending my poor little neglected blog occasionally again! Ahhhh, New Years' resolutions! ☺