Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monster Garage

We are a nickname giving family and Monster Garage is K5's nickname.  

Can you guess what happened 1.13 seconds after this picture was taken?  K5 morphed into Monster Garage.  Look closely at his brow which is starting to furrow.  Don't let the little smile fool you.

So anyway, he doesn't want to be potty trained.  Whenever anyone asked about it he would say that he was going to use the potty when he turned 7.  (That's right, 4 years from now.)  After hearing that for a couple months, I came up with a foolproof plan:

Monster Garage turned 7 last friday.  I made him a yellow cake with yellow frosting and yellow sprinkles.  (No pun intended!)  

He got to color his potty chart, open presents, and be the center of attention all night.  He even used the potty once.  Once was just enough to get my hopes up that this grand charade was going to work.

It didn't. 

Today I waved the white flag and surrendered.  He is back in a pull-up and couldn't be happier.  He got a fun party and a cute little duckie...

and I got a great lesson that cost a lot less than college tuition and is more applicable to real life than some of the classes I took.  Now if I can just finish my application for "Mother of the Year", I'll be set.

Just call me Starr.   


thegardnerthree said...

I thought it was brilliant! I love that everything was YELLOW!!!! and mostly, I just LOVE YOU!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Darn it! It totally would have worked if you made me a cake!