Monday, March 8, 2010

More Big Sky

I thought I had better post some more pictures from our Big Sky trip since I took so many and I never scrapbook anymore. 

This is a great one of grandpa and K5.  They sat in the beautiful sunshine and ate red licorice together while I was on the Magic Carpet with K4.  I am sure grandpa learned a lot of interesting things, lol.

 After a long, fun day of snowboarding, K4 fell asleep with his helmet and goggles on under the bar stools.  It made me so happy that he had so much fun that he wanted to wear his snowboarding gear in the condo.  It was so cute!

I am not sure what to write about this picture other than yes, I do have my hands full.  How did I get so lucky?

Grandma brought cards to play hand and foot.

  I found this cool picture of K2 sliding a pipe.  He is awesome.  I don't dare try that stuff.  I have gone on the box in the mini-park but I guess I have seen too many out takes in ski movies to think that they look fun.

I am not a complete scardy cat.  My favorite place to board is in the natural half pipe even though the tight turns at the bottom make my heart race a little bit.

Just call me Starr.