Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Church Talent Show

Our ward had a talent show and the K-boys were excited to participate.  

K1 played the trombone.  What does the one pant leg rolled up mean?  That he is packing heat?  I hope not.

Mr. K and the rest of the K-boys put on a great performance.

Mr. K played his didgeridoo.  It is made from agave wood.  He is really good.

The K-boys made their own didges out of PVC pipe.

K5 played the recorder and did a little dance that reminds me of a snake charmer.

We adopted this guy (our neighbor) because he is such an awesome didge player.  He can circle breathe.

This is one of K1's best friends.   He spends a lot of time at our house so he is an honorary K-boy.  He played the piano and sang.  It was so cute cool!

You may be wondering why I didn't participate in the didgeridoo concert.  Let's just say that if you ask me what sound a horse makes I'll say neigh.

Just call me Starr.