Thursday, May 13, 2010

K-1's broken wrist

The other day I received a call on my cell phone just as I was pulling into my garage after dropping K-4 off at kindergarten.  It was the school secretary calling to tell me that K-1 had broken his wrist playing rugby during recess.  I put it in reverse and headed back to the school (about a ten minute drive).  On the way, I phoned our doctor and made an appointment.  Here is what I found when I picked him up:

Our doctor sent us to the hospital to get x-rays and then referred us to an orthopedic doctor.  I wish I had a picture of the x-ray.  

He had good news and bad news.  The bad news first:  the tip of his radius was broken clean off.  The good news:  no surgery needed and the break wasn't through the growth plate.  The best news:  lots of attention and he got to pick the colors of his cast.

Then we all got to sign it.

It wasn't nearly as traumatic as the time he had his finger slammed in a car door or to quote K-l, "crushed to a fine powder."  (I think he has read Harry Potter too many times.)  I didn't take him to the doctor until almost a week later.  It was really bad.  No awesome Mom award for me that time.  

Just call me Starr.