Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Cushions

I am finally done with my new cushions for the window seat.  I took lots of pictures of the progress because I knew you would want to see them.  :)

I love this fabric!  It is brownish purple or purplish brown to match the living room.

Here you can see my compulsive planning so I don't waste any fabric.

 I started by cutting out the pieces and making the welt.

Then I sewed the welt on to the top just along the front and sides.

Here are two cushions with the sides sewn on.
The zipper ended up giving me fits.  I sewed it to the back and the bottom.  I decided that I don't care if it looks bad because no one will see it. 
Here they are finished!  I love the way it looks.

Next up is making the pillows to go on the bench.  Don't hold your breath waiting.  I have a busy 3 weeks ahead of me.  

Note:  if you come over, please don't look at the zippers.  Thanks.

Just call me Starr.