Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wasatch Back 2010!!!

We just completed the Ragnar Relay and it was so much fun.  We had 12 runners on the team divided into two vehicles.  Mr. K and I were in the first "van" with two of my brothers and a couple of friends.  My sister, our accountant, my neighbor and 3 new friends were in the second van.  Our start time was 5:30 a.m. - a little bit early but it was better than running in the heat.  Mr. K was the first runner.  He dressed up like Ragnar Lodbrok, the wild viking hero that the race is named after.  Here we are at the starting line.

My brother ran next.

Here I am doing a safety flag routine with my other brother.  Too bad I wasn't on flag drill team in high school.  ;)

Can you guess who is inside this Honey Bucket?

Group picture of Van #2 runners.

Hanging out in the lodge at Snow Basin.

Check out this ugly chandalier.  How much do you think it cost?  Too much.

Free massages.  Ahhhhh.

Hand off.

One time when we got out of the car to cheer for our runner we noticed a horrid smell.  Half rotted deer carcus for your viewing pleasure.  Sorry it is not a scratch and sniff picture.

Chillin' in the 'burb.

Runner #4, code name Puker.  Don't ask for details.

We stopped at my parents to shower and sleep for a few hours.  It was like heaven.

Mr. K accidently broke his viking horns after his 3rd run.  I think he looks like a rhinosaurus now.

Coming in fast.

All done running.

I love dancing bears.

McDonalds trying to break into a new market.  Looks like it worked.

I ran into my friend while ordering a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit.  I love her!

Van #1 runners in front of the Ragnar Van.  

Bobsledding while we waited for the rest of our team.

Here I am alseep on the oh-so-comfy pavement, waiting for my second free massage.  We waited for a few hours for the massage therapists to show up and get all set up.  Just as I got on the table our team called to say that the last runner was almost there.  I guess a 3 minute massage is better than nothing, right?

Mr. K fixed his horns and let me wear them.  I couldn't imagine wearing them while running 21 miles.  He rocks.

A shot of the finish line from the gondola.

Toasting to the Ragnar experience with mexican cokes that we opened with our bottle opener finisher medals.

Next on my race list is the Top of Utah marathon and then on to the Goblin Valley 50K.  

Just call me Starr.


Anonymous said...

I was in your van and it was awesome! Great work bloggin it, I feel like I just did the Ragnar all over again! And thanks for the props to Ragnar, I can't believe all the participants who had no clue who I was??? They should do their homework (or read your blog). I love you - Mr. K