Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

I thought I had better post these cute pictures I took of the boys on the first day of school.  (Yes, I am one of those dorky moms that takes pictures and cries when school starts.)

K4 started first grade and I am going to miss spending the morning with him.  He has the same teacher that K3 had last year.  She is so great!  Can you tell how excited he is?

K3 fixed his hair with gel to start out the new year.  Super awesome second grader!  He looked so handsome.

K2 started middle school and got a locker.    He has band this year so we got him a flute.  He taught himself to play hot cross buns before school even started.  

K1 is a rule-the-school 8th grader this year.  He knows the rule that I get to take his picture but for some reason he disappeared before I could.  I had to track him down in the science room.  Why does his buddy look happier to be photographed than he does?

Now it is just me and the baby at home.  Oh wait, he is not a baby anymore.  :(  We have been having lot's of fun together.
By the way, I did wait to cry until I was safely in the car.

Just call me Starr.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Reunion at Fairmont Hot Springs

For our last weekend before school started we met Mr. K's extended family at Fairmont Hot Springs in Montana.  The first night we spent in the huge indoor hot pools.  All of those swimming lessons paid off.  I wish I would have taken some video of K4 and K5.  They were like little fishies.  

Saturday morning Mr. K and I went for a run.  We were going to go 16 miles but it only ended up being about 12 or 13.  What we lacked in mileage, we made up for in vertical feet.  We ran to the top of one of the small mountains and it was absolutely amazing at the top.  The sun was just breaking through the clouds and we could see all around.

While Mr. K, K1 and K2 went golfing later that morning with some of the clan (K3 drove the golf cart), I went mini-golfing with the little guys.

K4 was concentrating so much that his little tongue stuck out.

I should have concentrated harder.  He beat me even though I got 2 hole-in-ones.

K5 got a hole-in-one on this one.  He was so excited!

After everyone was done golfing, my MIL (mother in law) gave out prizes.

Then things started getting really crazy.  MIL brought rubber tubing that we tied around our legs for a 3 legged race.  The first one was for fathers and daughters.  Here I am with my FIL.

Next was mothers and sons.  It was hard to turn 12 legs into 3 but we managed.

The kids had a blast.  I am not sure how many times they raced.

We got the parachute out next and it was all fun and games until...

There was jump roping and swinging and sliding and climbing on the climbing wall. Then there were birthday presents and cake for the Kboys' second cousin.

Here we are with Mr. K's brothers and cousins and their spouses.

Thanks to my MIL and FIL for the great trip!!!  We had a wonderful time.

Now back to reality.

Just call me Starr.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Golden Rule

A few weeks ago for family night, I gave a lesson on the Golden Rule.  It seems that we have had more fighting than usual lately and I was sick of it.  To start I pulled out a long list I had written of "Rules you have to follow."  It was long and very detailed.  I could have written more but I figured a 34" list would suffice.  I read the k-boys the rules and they didn't know what to think.  Then I asked them if they would rather follow all of those rules or just the Golden Rule.  They all voted for the Golden Rule and I congratulated myself of being Mother of the Year...

until later that week when I caught K4 kicking K5.  When I reminded him of the Golden Rule, he said, "Well he did it unto me so I am doing it unto him."  I think he is getting that eye for an eye rule mixed up with the golden one.

Just call me Starr. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot shot

Family camp out continued...

One of the activities was shooting guns.  My grandma loved shooting so my sister thought we should try it.   (You may recall my last attempt at target practice when I went to scout camp.)  This time my dad taught me how to stand and how to hold the gun,

and how to aim and how to put my finger on the trigger and how to pull it. Imagine my excitement when I retrieved my target and saw this:

That is 62 points!!!  I only missed the target twice out of ten shots.
Unfortunately, I didn't win.  Turns out Mr. K, my dad, my brothers and my brothers in law are awesome shots.  Look at those forearms!

Looks like I am going to have to get some more practicing in.

Just call me Starr.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Camping Trip

We just had our family camp out and it was so much fun.  Grandpa used his chainsaw and made a cool chair that K5 loved sitting on.

The kids got pretty dirty, some more than others.

I don't think my youngest niece got dirty at all. 

K4 got some kind of bug bite on his ear that made it swell up pretty big.  Poor kid.

My little nephew's nickname is Handsome; I am sure you can see why.  (He loved the watermelon.)

This guy has the same nickname.  ;)

K5's 15 year old cousin dumped a bucket of water over his head.  It didn't turn out to be as funny as he thought it would.

K1 was more than willing to avenge his little brother.  Alas, the cousin was saved by his parents who didn't want him to get wet.

I wonder if K5's parents wanted him to get wet...

Just call me Starr.

Monday, August 2, 2010


My neighbor went out of town so we got to do some babysitting. 

Baby yorkie sitting that is.

I put all three of them in my newly finished shower so they wouldn't get lost in my house.

Luna (the rock star) wasn't too sure about the puppies.  She liked them but they made her a little bit nervous too.

All of the K-boys had fun playing with them.  K-2 said, "I wish I had $1500.00 so I could keep one."

I wish I had $1500.00 too, but I wouldn't buy a puppy with it.

Just call me Starr.