Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Camping Trip

We just had our family camp out and it was so much fun.  Grandpa used his chainsaw and made a cool chair that K5 loved sitting on.

The kids got pretty dirty, some more than others.

I don't think my youngest niece got dirty at all. 

K4 got some kind of bug bite on his ear that made it swell up pretty big.  Poor kid.

My little nephew's nickname is Handsome; I am sure you can see why.  (He loved the watermelon.)

This guy has the same nickname.  ;)

K5's 15 year old cousin dumped a bucket of water over his head.  It didn't turn out to be as funny as he thought it would.

K1 was more than willing to avenge his little brother.  Alas, the cousin was saved by his parents who didn't want him to get wet.

I wonder if K5's parents wanted him to get wet...

Just call me Starr.