Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

I thought I had better post these cute pictures I took of the boys on the first day of school.  (Yes, I am one of those dorky moms that takes pictures and cries when school starts.)

K4 started first grade and I am going to miss spending the morning with him.  He has the same teacher that K3 had last year.  She is so great!  Can you tell how excited he is?

K3 fixed his hair with gel to start out the new year.  Super awesome second grader!  He looked so handsome.

K2 started middle school and got a locker.    He has band this year so we got him a flute.  He taught himself to play hot cross buns before school even started.  

K1 is a rule-the-school 8th grader this year.  He knows the rule that I get to take his picture but for some reason he disappeared before I could.  I had to track him down in the science room.  Why does his buddy look happier to be photographed than he does?

Now it is just me and the baby at home.  Oh wait, he is not a baby anymore.  :(  We have been having lot's of fun together.
By the way, I did wait to cry until I was safely in the car.

Just call me Starr.


thegardnerthree said...

Hi Starr!

I cried, too. p.s. you look great- so happy and beautiful. Miss you and LOVE you!