Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am a Dirty Dasher!

Last weekend Mr. K and I participated in a crazy 10K called the Dirty Dash.  It is a mud run with an obstacle course.  Here we are before:

We were ready to go!
The race started with a hill that had been soaked with a sprinkler.

Then we ran along trails, up and down hills, 

over hay bales, through spraying water, over walls, through pipes, in between tires, through a stinky, sticky, slimy swamp, and back up the hill to the largest slip and slide in the universe.

The last obstacle was the pig sty. It was fun to swim in the mud.

Here we are after:

Luckily, they had "showers" (cold water coming out of pipes) available so we could clean off.  I was cold.

My favorite booth had fire pits with marshmallows to roast.  I stayed here for a while.

I thought you would like to see my feet.  It really took some scrubbing to get that dirt out of my toenails once I got home.  :)

And by the way, Mr. K does carry a yorkie around in his man purse.

Just call me Starr. 


racing dawn said...

Hey Starr! Was that race a blast or what?!?! I tried to watch out for you but didn't see you. Glad you guys had so much fun! I got some great pics too! I've never done anything like it! :) You going to do the one in May?