Sunday, October 3, 2010

Naomi Peak Run

Saturday morning Mr. K and I drove to the trail head of Naomi Peak.  The elevation is about 8000 feet.  We started running along the trail and it was beautiful.  The sun was just rising.

The mountains  and cliffs are so rugged and jagged.

Mr. K had to keep stopping and waiting for me since I couldn't run the steep parts.  (I keep telling myself that it was the elevation.)   

It took us an hour to get to the top.  That included a few stops to catch my breath take pictures.  At the peak (9978 feet which is the tallest point in Cache county) we could see all around us.  I felt like I was on the top of the world just like Karen Carpenter.  It was absolutely breathtaking. 

We spent some amazing time together at the top.  It was getting hot though, and we wanted to get back in time to watch General Conference so we turned around and headed back.  We made good time with gravity on our side.

Things I love:
Mr. K
God's beautiful earth

Just call me Starr.


Ali said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Sounds like a fun run.