Monday, November 15, 2010

Pot Rack

Last Christmas, Mr. K's mom gave him a pot rack from William Sonoma.  

He was so excited.  When he went to hang it up, he discovered that our ceiling joists were spaced differently than what the rack specified.  We tried to think of different ways to work around it, but eventually it just got shoved under the pool table until we figured it out.

Now it is November and guess what?  It is figured out and hung up!  Mr. K knows a guy and he made some rails for it.  K1 and I had to hold it up while Mr. K marked and drilled and tightened.  It was very heavy.

Mr. K spent some time arranging the pots.  (I spent some time hand washing all of the dirty ones.) 
He is so happy.  I am too.  

I think it looks a lot cooler mounted on the rails.

Eleven months later... 

Just call me Starr. 


Mindy said...

I love it - it looks great! You can't have a real chef's kitchen without a pot rack, right?

Ali said...

It looks awesome. I'm glad you found out a way to hang it up.