Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Big Blue Birthday

K5 just turned 4 years old!  

When he woke up he asked me, "Am I really 4?"  I wonder why he is unsure of his age...  Anyway, he had lots of fun.  He got to take a long bath with every toy he could find and not wash his hair.  He played the Leapster for a while and got into his brothers desks and toys. 

That night we went to an Aggie women's basketball game.  The kids love seeing Big Blue rappelling down.
My favorite player LaCale was out injured but the Aggies did ok without her.
The ball got stuck between the rim and the backboard.
My SIL does the color on the radio during the games.  She used to play for Utah State and is awesome.
We were sitting around talking during halftime when all of a sudden

K5 loves Big Blue and was planning to ask him for his phone number so he could invite him to his birthday party this weekend.  He got a little bit shy when he actually had the opportunity to talk to him.  :)  After a few minutes he warmed up.
K4 got in on the action by pulling Big Blue's tail.  He was laughing like a crazed lunatic while he tugged.

My SIL and my brother have connections so they orchestrated the whole thing and bought the balloons.  They are so thoughtful!  K5 had lots of hugs for his cousin.

When we got home from the game he opened his present from us.  He peeked inside and was super excited because it was a pillow pet and for some strange reason he has been wanting one for a long time.
It is a panda and he named it Racquetball.  He was actually excited to go to bed with it. 

Now that's what I'm talking about.

Just call me Starr.


Ali said...

I'm glad you got some video. K5 looked so happy. I love the picture of the boys' hug. What a fun birthday! And what could be better than getting him excited about going to bed?