Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My First Quilt Sandwich

I've been working on getting the star quilt done for Christmas.  I am going to machine quilt it myself so I have been reading quilt blogs and watching youtube videos to learn how to do it.  My next step was to layer the back, batting and top.  The technical term for this is "make a quilt sandwich" so today I made my first quilt sandwich. You start by taping the back to the floor.  I actually had to sweep and mop before I could start the first step.  (K5 needed to be in the picture.)

Then you layer the batting and put the top on.  I had to cut the batting down since for some strange reason the queen size bats were cheaper than the twins.
Basting is the next step and luckily I was able to purchase some special tools on sale a while ago.  The safety pins are bent and the Kwik Klip helps open and shut them so your fingers don't get sore.

They made it much easier.

Some of the blogs showed rolling the quilt in from the sides to reduce the bulk between the needle and the machine.
I am so excited to start quilting but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Maybe just a few more youtube videos...
Just call me Starr.