Friday, February 18, 2011

First Snowboarding Session of the Year

In January Mr. K's brothers came to town and we all went up to the local resort for some fun in the snow.

Mr. K is hot.
I call this the Karate Kid jump.

K4 doesn't need the Lucky Bum (harness) anymore.

He loves jumping.

Here is Monster Garage.
K1 cruising down the slopes.
The cousins with uncle Wacko.
K5 liked riding up the lift with Mr. K more than riding up with me. 
I can't believe my little first grader can ride up the lift by himself!
 Of course they are the last ones on the lift before it closes; they've got to get just one more run in! 
Superdad hauling K4 and K5 across the flat to the lodge.
 The end of a fun day...

How did I get so lucky?
Just call me Starr.