Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Big Sky 2011

We are back from our annual snowboarding trip to Big Sky, Montana.  Mr. K's mom has a condo there and is so awesome to provide such a great experience for our family.

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip, K3 hitting a jump.  P.S. he is only a second grader and he is cooler than I am.

We got to Big Sky Saturday night and just relaxed all day Sunday.  Monday morning I woke up to a sore throat and everyone else woke up to 12 inches of fresh powder and a blue sky.  Poor me!  I stayed in and read Believe It, Be It by Ali Vincent-the girl who won The Biggest Loser a while ago.  It was not as good as 12" of fresh powder a good book.  Luckily I had this guy to keep me company and cheer me up.

The next day I felt better and was able to get some snowboarding in with my kids.

K4 really progressed this year.  He can go down any green run and even did a couple of short blue runs.  Look at that little tongue wagging like Michael Jordan.
K2 likes the parks so one day we went looking for a park we saw on the map that we hadn't been to.  We ended up in Moonlight Basin which is the ski area on the north side of Big Sky.  Turns out they share a couple of the lifts so we played in their park for a while.
The run that had the snowboarding park was pretty flat so it was hard to get enough speed to hit the jumps, boxes and rails.  K3 took on the rainbow box and almost made it over.  He is so brave!
I don't have any pictures of K1 boarding because he was shredding on the harder runs.  He is a great snowboarder.

Little K5 loves snowboarding and insists on carrying his own board.

He liked his daddy to hold "the reins" while he pointed his board down the hill and looked for jumps.

One day he talked Grandma into taking him down the bunny hill a few times.
I love watching Mr. K hit jumps.  I wish I was a better photographer; I never get him at the height of the jump but here are a couple of cool ones.

 Does it sound like I am boasting about how awesome my k-boys are?  Because I am.

Just call me Starr.


Mindy said...

Wow - you got some super awesome boarders there! Watch out, Olympics, here they come! ☺