Friday, April 22, 2011


I thought I had better get a few things planted since there was a break in the rain today.

K5 helped me plant peas (on the far left) and onions (right down the middle).  The asparagus is coming up on the far right.  We also got spinach planted.  This year I am trying it in a container instead of the garden.  I have strawberries in containers, too.

  When I cleaned out the middle garden box I harvested the leeks that I left in all winter.  They smell so good!  I am thinking potato leek soup...
This is one of my favorite books.  My friend bought a copy on Amazon and gave it to me as a gift.  What a friend!  I went from being a fraud-failure in the gardening department to an immediate success.

My awesome sister-in-law is letting us dig up some of her raspberries and blackberries to transplant.  I am thrilled!  I love berries of any sort.  We have the perfect spot for them with lots of sun but there were a couple of problems.  One was the huge rock that accidentally got put there by the landscape guy.  Thanks to 5 Kboys and a little bit of physics we moved it.  I wish I had an in progress picture but we were all working too hard to think of the camera.  This picture is after Mr. K came home and started "shaping" it with a sledge hammer.

The other problem was a 6 or 7 foot stump right in the way.  It used to be a huge pear tree that produced little, nasty, messy, bee attracting pears.  We hired some company to come and cut it down.  They took it down to the stump and then left.  We never heard back from them.  I called around trying to find out who did it (Mr. K had hired them and didn't remember who it was) but none of the tree companies that I found in the phone book said it was them.  5 years later  we borrowed a chainsaw and Mr. K started cutting it down.  The next thing I know K1 has the chainsaw!
I guess the chain was pretty dull so it took a lot of time and effort to get it to this stage.
Mr. K is going to buy a new chain on his way home from work and hopefully finish it off tonight.  Then I can transplant the berry bushes.  I am dreaming of fresh raspberries, blackberries and strawberries!


Just call me Starr.