Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Bye :(

Today I sold our old Suburban.

Is is weird that I am blogging about it?  It's just that I loved that car and there are so many trips and vacations and shuttling back and forth and memories in it.  We put about 100,000 miles on it.  Last November the transmission starting going out.  I only had first and second gear and reverse.  The Aamco guy gave me the price for rebuilding it...yikes!  We decided to look for something else and through a series of fortunate events came across The Van.

The suburban sat in our driveway all winter.  Mr. K wanted to take it to the junk yard and just be done with it.  I wanted to sell it but I never got around to taking pictures and listing it. 

I finally took some pictures when I was photographing my raspberries and last week I listed it.  Less than 60 seconds after I posted it I got a call on it.  I hadn't even added the pictures yet!  While I was on the phone with the first caller, I missed 2 calls.  As soon as I hung up I got another one.  This guy said he wanted to come over right then.  I laughed because it wasn't cleaned out and hadn't been started in 6 months.  While I was waiting for him I had a guy offer me full price without even seeing the car.  I stopped answering my phone after a few more calls.  It had been up no more than 10 minutes.  Apparently the price I randomly made up was great.  There was a small bidding war ending with a guy offering $200 more than the asking price.  He said he would pick it up Saturday at 3:00 but he never showed up and didn't answer my calls.  Today a guy called about it, came and looked at it and bought it.  Cash is king, especially when it's right in front of your face.
I snuck out and took a picture as the new owner was hooking it up to take it away. 
Then I went in and cried.

Just call me Starr.


Julie and Nate said...

I bet your hubby is so glad that you didn't just take it to the junk yard! Now do you want to come list our old Bronco? ;)