Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Basketball Camp

Every year my sister in law puts on a basketball camp for all of the nieces and nephews.  My boys love it!  It is so cute to see them learning drills and practicing.

K4 was a dunking machine.

 Slide, slide, slide!
Taking a charge!

 They were so attentive.
K5 ready to catch a bounce pass.
K3 swishing another one.

Throwing a fit.
 Having a cheer at the end.
The younger group with their camp tee shirts on.
 The older group with some of the little kids who wanted their pictures taken again.
K3 worked up a sweat.  Nice hair do.

Just call me Starr.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scout Hike

Last month Mr. K took the scouts on a hike in overnighter and K4 decided to go along.
He took a piece of PVC pipe to use as a walking stick.

Looks like a crazy bunch to me.

Mr. K sent me a picture of the shelter they slept in.  I sent him a picture of my Tempurpedic bed.
They had so much fun together.  What an awesome dad.

Just call me Starr.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Running to the Top of a Mountain

I have a few trails that are my favorites and I tend to stick to them.  Mr. K is more of an explorer.  He sees a mountain and decides to run to the top of it.  I usually go with him.

The other day we ran this one.  I got a little wild and drew you a map of where we went.

  There were some crazy steep parts.  This is looking down the ridge when we were about half way up.
Mr. K and his day-glo calf compression sleeves.
Almost there!  The sun was just peaking over the mountain and the goal was in sight.
At the top the wind was blowing and I felt like it would blow me off the mountain.  It wasn't really blowing that hard but I held on to the reflector just to be sure.  I borrowed Mr. K's day-glo gloves.  He has a thing for that color just like I have a thing for black.
What an awesome running partner.

Just call me Starr.

Hair Cut

I've been meaning to post this...

For Wacky Hair Day at school, K4 wanted a mohawk.
Usually Mr. K gets crazy with the trimmer but he was unavailable so I had to step up.

K1 went out to the garage and came back looking like this:  (that is real spray paint btw)

Wacky hair day is on a Friday so we let them have their wacky hair for the weekend and then cut it off for the last 2 1/2 days of school.  This year K4 wanted to keep his mohawk for the summer.  I have seen several kids at the school sporting short mohawks and fauhawks so I checked the school's website to see what it said.  It just said they need to groom themselves in a neat, attractive fashion so I combed it down to the side after his shower and sent him to school.
The next thing I know, the secretary is calling to say I have to come and get him and cut his hair.  I tried to reason with her without being argumentative but she insisted.  I asked to speak to the principal but he was in a meeting.  I asked if he could go to class until the principal could call me and clarify but she said no, it would be too big of a distraction.  I have to admit here that I was pretty angry.  I calmly asked about the other kids I had seen at the school and she said that theirs were OK but K4's was too long. I asked her how long was too long and she said anything more than an inch or two.  Um, ok.  

After I hung up, I grabbed the hair cutting kit, K5 and the 2 foster kids and drove to the school.  I was worried that he was sad to be denied the opportunity to be in class with his friends but he was having a great time reading books when I got there.  We went out to the mobile salon (I accidentally typed saloon-was that Freudian?) and got to work.

K5 did a great job of documenting the haircut.

Here is the final hair do. 

Notice that I restrained my self from sticking my tongue out at the principal.  No hard feelings buddy.

Just call me Starr.