Thursday, August 4, 2011

Running to the Top of a Mountain

I have a few trails that are my favorites and I tend to stick to them.  Mr. K is more of an explorer.  He sees a mountain and decides to run to the top of it.  I usually go with him.

The other day we ran this one.  I got a little wild and drew you a map of where we went.

  There were some crazy steep parts.  This is looking down the ridge when we were about half way up.
Mr. K and his day-glo calf compression sleeves.
Almost there!  The sun was just peaking over the mountain and the goal was in sight.
At the top the wind was blowing and I felt like it would blow me off the mountain.  It wasn't really blowing that hard but I held on to the reflector just to be sure.  I borrowed Mr. K's day-glo gloves.  He has a thing for that color just like I have a thing for black.
What an awesome running partner.

Just call me Starr.