Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bear Lake Family Reunion

This year our family reunion was held at Bear Lake.  We took the boat for some wake boarding and tubing. 

Our little foster daughter J1, loves to copy peopleI noticed she was copying Grandpa.  He didn't seem to mind as much as K4 and K5 do.

The kids had fun roasting marshmallows in the fire.  Later after the kids were asleep some of the adults (who will remain anonymous) had fun shooting fireworks and laughing at funny stories.
K2 and K3 slept in the cool tree fort all night.  I was worried that they would roll off but they were safe.

K5 and J1 had fun playing with the Cuties in the long grass.

J2 didn't want to go tubing...
but crazy K3 is always ready!


K3 tried wakeboarding again and he is doing so well.  He gets out of the water but then falls.  I think he'll be shredding next summer.
Of course no trip to Bear Lake is complete without fresh raspberry shakes.

Dirty and sunburned, exhausted and happy.

Just call me Starr.