Friday, September 9, 2011


I love Lagoon!  I haven't been in years.  A few weeks ago we loaded up the k-boys and met Mr. K's mom there. 

K4 and K5 kept their hands up the whole time.

I loved seeing their faces.

Mr. K decided to ride the Catapult and tried to talk me into it.  I declined.  K1 was crazy enough to join him though.

 Um...that's freaky.
Then we went to the Double Thunder Raceway.  

K3 passing big bro on the outside.
 Everyone passing me on the inside.
 Mr. K in his Porsche.
K2 and K5 passing me at the finish line.  I got last place.  No wonder they charge males more for car insurance.
Grandma took the 3 oldest on the Terror Ride.  I don't think I went on that until I was in college.  They were brave.

The lines were pretty short all day except for rattlesnake rapids.  We waited in line forever and just when we got to the front, it broke down. 
Grandma wanted to hit Lagoona Beach next.

I didn't take my suit and couldn't find one I liked at the surf shop so I lounged in the shade and drank several icy cold sodas.
When everyone was done swimming we went back to the bumper cars.  The K-boys couldn't get enough of them.

My favorite ride was the Spider.  Fortunately there are no pictures of me laughing insanely and hanging on for dear life.  I decided that we need to go every year from now on.  It was one of the best days of the summer.

Just call me Starr.