Friday, October 14, 2011

Making Applesauce

My parents have apple trees in their backyard that were planted by my great grandfather.  Some years they don't bear any fruit because all of the blossoms freeze.  Other years there are tons of apples.  This year is one of the tons of apples years.  We went and helped pick them.

K4 wanted to take a picture of me so I gave him my phone.  He took tons of pictures and was telling me how to pose.  "Now hold an apple up.  Now reach for that big one over there.  Now hold up 2 apples.  Now climb down the ladder for a picture."  I didn't realize I was in for a modeling session.  Maybe he will be a photographer when he grows up.
We picked and picked and picked.  I should have taken a picture of all of the boxes and buckets overflowing.  A couple of days later we had a Girls' Day to make applesauce.  My mom has it down to a science.  She quartered the apples and put them on to boil.  Once she filled a pan she started on another one.  She was like a blur.  Oh, wait.  That was my bad camera skills.

 When they were done and drained, she passed them on to the Victorio Strainer.

Next we added sugar and a little bit of food coloring.

Lucky her!  She got to take a break and hold the baby.  OK, I took a few breaks too.

After the jars were filled, we wiped off the rim and put the rings and lids on and processed them.

We ate lunch outside on the patio across from the apple trees.  I could not believe how full of apples the trees were still.  Holy Cow!  I didn't count how many quarts we did but I brought home 3 dozen myself.  I wish I had time to go back and help do more.

I can't forget to post this great picture of 3 muscle heads strong guys.

Just call me Starr.