Monday, October 10, 2011

Mom's quilt finally finished!

A few years ago I started a quilt for my mom.  I have given it to her for Christmas (unfinished) twice.  This year I decided to get it done.  I made the quilt sandwich several months ago but I haven't  done any sewing since the foster kids came in May.  Now that the 4 oldest Kboys are in school, F1 (foster kid 1) is in Head Start Preschool, and F2 naps while she is gone, K5 and I decided to get to work on it. I got it all quilted and then finished up the binding today.  The last step was removing the basting pins.  Luckily I had lots of help.

I am so excited to have it done!

She is coming to visit tomorrow so I will give it to her then.  I hope she doesn't read my blog before then!

Just call me Starr.


Ali said...

That looks great! Way to go. I like the way you did the squares in the big area. It looks super good. Next up...the kids' quilts. :)