Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I am not much of a decorator.  K4 decided that we needed some Halloween decorations so he made some and taped them to the door.  

Let me zoom in on a certain part.  

That's right, it says "this is not a fun house."  I am not sure what he means by that.  Probably just trying to scare the neighbors, not a desperate call for help.  

He dressed up as Thor.  
 His costume maker didn't have time to make a helmet or hammer for him so he improvised with some duct tape, paper, foam and a stick.

We went to a trunk or treat a couple days before Halloween.  It looks like supergirl is levitating.
Here are all of the costumes:
Link from Legend of Zelda

A crazy ninja.

Snorlax (a Pokemon)

Another crazy ninja.

Grandma the good witch.

I dressed up as a runner since I feel like I'm not one anymore.

Mr. K is a professor with his corduroy jacket and Diet Coke.
After that party, we went home and carved pumpkins.
 They turned out so cool.
Halloween night we had a couple of costume changes.

They got way too much candy.  I am only saying that because I am eating so much of it.  (You know the parent candy tax.)

Just call me Starr.


Julie and Nate said...

We call it "mommy dues" at our house... My kids know they have to pay me for all the nice things I do, like not throwing away all their toys when they are at school. ;)

Ali said...

Fun Halloween. I really like you pumpkins all lit up. Thanks for inviting us to the trunk-or-treat. We had fun. Good job on your kids costumes. You guys are pretty creative.

Michaela Stephens said...

Nice pumpkins. Also, I think parents taxing kids' Halloween candy is the way that kids begin to learn about those hard realities of life. My dad would tax our candy too.

Starr said...

I am glad that I am not the only one who eats their kids candy!