Sunday, March 18, 2012

Decking Finished

On Friday Mr. K finished all of the decking on the front deck!  Here he is putting in the last screw.

I am soooooooo excited!

The rabbit with an apple on the new stairs.

We need to put the railing up but it looks like we have a new project first...

Just call me Starr.


sostinkinhappy said...

It gorgeous!!!!

But that hole the boys are digging...that doesn't look good. What's up with that?

Starr said...

Mr. K told a passerby that it was a grave but it's not. Ha-ha! I will post some pictures tomorrow of the progress.

Ali said...

I love how the stairs turned out! It looks so beautiful. I bet you are so happy. I think the next project must be the chicken graveyard?!?