Thursday, April 26, 2012

Doors, Roof and a Surprise

Mr. K special ordered some "freakin shiny awesome" roofing for the coop.

It looks so good!  He also got the doors done with a little help from K4 and K5.

We are getting close and it is a good thing because the chickens are getting big fast.  

On another note, here are a few pictures from my 9 mile run today.

Yep, that's a snake.  I'm estimating it was about 4 feet long. Yikes!  I'm glad it didn't have a rattle!

Just call  me Starr.


Mindy said...

Very impressive! And I'm not talking about the snake! ;) Now if I can just convince David that we need one too... (And, now that Mr. K is so good at it, maybe we need to just hire him to build us one!)

Julie and Nate said...

Seriously, I am amazed. How do you keep up to it all? I already knew you were super-mom, but I'm exhausted just reading all of the great stuff you're doing.