Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catching Up

This will be an eclectic post trying to catch up on our lives.  First up, Mr. K and the van.  When we bought the van I may have made a comment like, "Don't kidnappers drive white vans?" or something about the A-Team and their awesome black van.  It must have inspired Mr. K because the next thing you know he was watching youtube videos on how to paint your car with a spray can.

He used foil and plastic to mask it off.
Mr. K decided to do just the bumper to see how it looked.

 Can you believe that I didn't take an after picture?  I was amazed that it turned out so well.  Mr. K did a great job!

These are one of my favorite types of pictures to take.

Super comfy.
They look so innocent when they are sleeping. 
A cute picture of K5 playing trains with his uncle.

And lastly, K3.

This is his animal research poster.  It is pretty much the awesomest animal poster I've ever seen.

Except this part is a little bit disturbing.
Good thing it's just a picture.
Just call me Starr.