Monday, November 12, 2012

BBQ in the Garage

Our favorite neighbors always hang out in their garage or driveway.  They invited to a bbq in the garage.  K4 got a hold of the camera and documented it for us.

Mr. K by the garbage can.
The neighbor with his yorkies by the recycling bin.
This is an awesome picture.
More of Mr. K.

The photographer.

Or should I say his majesty in his throne. 
Just call me Starr.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We went to an awesome rodeo this summer.  They had mounted shooting and K4 was desperately trying to find a horse and a gun so he could participate.  Luckily Unfortunately he couldn't find them so he just had to watch.  It was so cool.  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures.

The K-boys helped with lots of things.  K2 watched the prizes (kitties and bunnies) so that they didn't get mauled by the kids before the races. 

K1 opened the gate to let the cows in after the cowboys and cowgirls finished chasing them.

Mr. K, my brother and his fiance held the animals while the children raced to get them.  I think they were as brave as the bronc riders!

K1 really wanted one of the rabbits, preferably a boy so Turbo could have a bunch of baby bunnies.  He talked all of his brothers into trying to get one for him.  Luckily Unfortunately they weren't the fastest. 

K4 decided to bust a mutton since he wasn't able to do the mounted shooting.  He and K5 went to the sheep pen to check them out.
He looked awesome in his cowboy hat from Grandpa.
When it was his turn he got up on the sheep and held on tight.

The sheep didn't move so they had to smack it on the rump.  It slowly walked out into the arena.

It wandered to the middle and stopped next to another sheep and cowboy.
K4 tried giving it a little kick but it wasn't going anywhere so he just hopped off and walked back.
He busted that mutton.
He showed Grandpa his dollar.  I think he was impressed.
K1, K2 and my sister tried to catch a sheep and milk it.  
It was so funny!
Luckily Unfortunately there weren't any events that I could participate in so I had to sit in the shade, drink cold drinks and watch Mr. K show off for me by doing pull ups on the swing set.
Just call me Starr.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Chef

One day I made all of the K-boys come outside and help me weed the side yard.  It tends to get neglected and over run with morning glory.  While I wasn't paying attention K5 snuck in the house and made us all lunch.

He made pb&j sandwiches with a cheese stick.  
He was so excited to serve us lunch.  He even got a pitcher of cold water since it was hot outside.  What a thoughtful child.
Then he took a million pictures of us eating.

After lunch we went back out to finish weeding.
Wait a minute, where did everyone go?  
Just call me Starr.